an`experience`for`you`&`about you

Are you ready to thrive in your professional & personal life?

Do you crave community, balance & total-life excellence?

THRIVE2G EXPERIENCE for Physician Women of Color is for you!

THRIVE2G will provide an experiential & power-packed platform for Physcian women of color

to access meaningful strategies for thriving professionally, mentally & personally.

Turn the care on YOURSELF.


Because women are designed for and THRIVE in community...

THRIVE2G is YOUR Community, build your tribe

Because every woman has a mission that she can best achieve with supportive mentors and peers...

THRIVE2G is YOUR Network, get to know mentors and mentees

Because physician women of color often face challenges in career development

THRIVE2G is YOUR Platform for empowerment, support & being equipped to handle challenges

Be part of an inspired movement where women embrace growth, community,

authentic leadership & total-life balance...

Yes, you can THRIVE!